Are you one of the following?

  • A busy person having limited time for home-cooking.
  • Having limited cooking resources, ingredient and equipment.
  • Having little or no experience in cooking.
  • Looking for a variety menu.
  • Having guests and be prepared for a quick feast.
  • Living abroad or an excursion.
  • Bored a packed food or the reheated canned or paste-form precooked preparations.
  • Looking for a healthy instant food preparations.
  • Or a foreigner who wants a taste of authentic traditional Malaysian dishes.

Then, try our DIY Pre Mix Products.

  • You only need to prepare the meat or seafood, some cooking oil, water and basic cooking utensil and equipment; all other ingredients (onion, garlic, coconut milk, salt, etc.) are already included in optimum proportion.
  • No complicated recipe to follow, just simple instructions for a quick and healthy sumptuous dish.
  • All ingredients are in powdered form which means;

» your food preparation is fresh and not precooked.
» the products retains its quality over longer period of time, without preservative of course.
» you may apportion the premix to suit your serving requirement, without having to store the balance in a refrigerator.
» it is lightweight and compact, thus easy to pack, and cheap on delivery charges.

  • The products contain all naturals ingredients, no MSG, no artificial coloring, no preservative, and no cholesterol.
  • You have your choice of using healthier oil (such as olive oil) and lean meat for a healthier diet.

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